Summer Design Trends to make your Home Beautiful

When the colder months turn softer you are definitely looking forward to a beautiful summer season ahead. There are many ideas that might pop in to your head when it comes to changing the interiors and exteriors of your home but check out these summer design trends that will help your home look even more beautiful and chic.

Summer Home Design

Interiors can be inspired from mid century design and similar artwork which includes the standards and romance of a bygone era. If you are planning on re-painting a room or even the entire house for that matter, you can try out a contrast of unexpected primary colours and soft pastel shades.

One of the most anticipated trends for your home this summer would be optical illusions. Be unique and try out new ideas. Trends will include bold geometric patterns and prints while they should similarly be in either one or two colours or simply black and white which is an anticipated favourite. The fun part of using such optical illusions is that you can apply it on a large variety of products which can include curtains, side tables and even pot holders within your rooms.

Summer Design

Another trend that is set to take interior designs by storm is digitally designed prints for wallpapers, textiles and even floor carpets. You can anticipate various photo montages on wall papers as well as life-sized images that will look actual. Computer generated patterns can be imprinted on to carpets.

Go tropical. You can experiment with a diverse variety of exotic floral prints, palm trees, bold colours etc, all which are part of a tropical experience. It will definitely be a change as opposed to soft pastel hues and bold primary colours and a truly upbeat change compared to minimalist decor. You can also be bold and creative by having an outdoor tropical paradise if you think that the interiors are too bright and colourful.

Rattan and Wicker will be in demand for the summer once again. Even though this particular combination is widely popular for outdoor areas, you can try it indoors. There are many new introductions, with seating ideas, beds and casings while they are woven using a number of natural fibres and bamboos. Bamboo can be painted in vibrant colours if you are looking for a unique contrast.

Piece of Summer Design

If you are thinking of re-doing your kitchen, then think of a chic greyscale kitchen. Grey is considered as a stylish trend for kitchens while there are many tones that can be mixed and matched that can take a closer shade of grey. You can also think of matching the flooring with stone and slate and even a concrete bench or counter top that will blend in with the greyscale.

Since you are anticipating summer, you can also compliment the seasonal change with touches of brass and copper. These metallic shades will truly compliment the saturated colours of spring and summer while it will differ from the traditional chrome and silver that is always found in homes.

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